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Our Guarantee

We guarantee our animals to be in perfect health upon arrival. All sold animals will have proper body weight and showing no physical signs of illness. If properly acclimated and cared for, our animals should do excellent for you. It’s difficult to put a longer term guarantee on our animals because once you receive them; we have no way of controlling how they are cared for. Please open shipping boxes and inspect all animals immediately upon receipt of shipment. If you have any concerns regarding your order, you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment. We want you to be happy with the animals you receive from TallGrass Reptiles; if there are any problems we need to know about them right away. If you do have trouble with any animals you receive from us within one week of receipt, please contact us and let us help you find a solution to the problem. If a replacement is necessary, we reserve the right to replace the animal with a similar animal that has the same value. If the animal cannot be replaced, we will give you credit towards a different type or towards a future purchase. We do not give out cash refunds.

Feeding Issues

All of our snakes are guaranteed to be feeding at the time they are shipped. Newly acquired snakes normally begin feeding within the first week or two. However, the stress from shipping and being placed in an unfamiliar environment can sometimes make the snake go into a non-feeding mode. This is nothing to panic about, as long as there are no other health issues with the snake. Ideally, it’s best to get babies, about 100 grams or less, to start feeding within 1-4 weeks. They don’t have the fat reserves to survive as long as larger ball pythons do. Older juveniles, sub adults, and adults, can go much longer. Some snakes, especially Ball Pythons, may take a month or more to feel comfortable in their new conditions and begin feeding. All of our snakes are guaranteed to be feeding at the time of shipment. We want you to have success with any snakes you purchase from us and we are happy to assist you in figuring out what a particular snake is not feeding. Usually, making a few minor adjustments to the snake’s environment, temperatures, humidity, etc. is all it takes.

Shipping in the US

All of our animals are shipped UPS, live delivery guaranteed. The cost for most shipments is $55 per box. We can fit a large number of animals in each box so there are no additional shipping charges if you purchase a group of animals. We use insulated boxes to help stabilize the temperature. If needed, 30 hour heat packs are also used. In summer, we will use cool packs to keep the animals from overheating. For small orders, most animals are packaged individually in deli style containers with air holes. Larger orders may require us to put them in groups to save on space. Our survival rate thus far is 100%. If there are any losses, we need to be notified within 24 hours, with a photo of the deceased animal sent via email. We do not issue cash refunds for losses, but we do replace the animal at no charge. We ship in the late afternoon or early evening and the package usually arrives the following morning before noon. Someone must be present at the address to sign for the package. Shipments can be sent to your place of employment if you prefer. We usually ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Deposits and Payment Plans

We offer payment plans on most of our more valuable animals, usually those with prices exceeding 1000 or more. To hold a specific animal(s), a minimum deposit of 25% is required. Monthly payments can be made after that. The duration of the payment plan is determined by the value of the purchase. When a deposit and payment plan is set up, we will provide a contract that will be signed by the buyer and seller so both parties are aware of the conditions of the sale (animals purchased, purchase price, and payment plan). Once the animal(s) are paid in full, shipping arrangements will be made.  Deposits and payments are non-refundable. The only exceptions to this is if the animal gets sick or dies while still in our care and we have no similar animal we can replace it with. It is EXTREMELY rare for this to happen. We are flexible with the duration of our payment plans. We understand that sometimes, a customer has a setback and can’t pay for a purchase in the agreed upon length of time. If it takes an extra couple weeks, even a month to finish a payment plan that is understandable. However, we cannot keep an animal on hold indefinitely because a customer has no means to finish paying for it. We will be as accommodating as possible in these situations, but we do reserve the right to cancel a plan completely 60 days after the final payment was to be made. Please be sure you want to make a purchase, and will have the funds to do it, before committing to it.