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Our Story

Humble Beginnings

I got my first start with reptiles during my teenage years in high school in Manhattan, KS (home of Kansas State University).  I purchased an albino leopard gecko from a local pet store and named him after my fair skinned friend Shaun.  And no, he did not appreciate the name sake. 

A few years later, while attending Kansas State University, I met the pet store owner of Scaly Dave’s Reptile Shack, Dave Karnowski. Dave's enthusiasm for reptiles and the reptile industry sparked my initial interest in breeding and selling reptiles.  With a lot of help along the way, it wasn't long before my one ten gallon tank turned in to numerous Animal Plastics racks full of hundreds of Leopard and African Fat-Tail geckos.  

Fortunately, my wife Michelle has always been supportive of my hobby along the way.  After moving to the Kansas City area and starting a full time position, I was quickly overwhelmed with the quantity of geckos I had accumulated.  In the process of selling off most of my collection, Paul Miles with The Boa Barn became interested in trading Ball Pythons for the majority of my geckos.  I didn't think I would ever be a snake person, but I was immediately hooked on the gentle nature and beautiful colors of the Ball Pythons I had acquired.  

My family and hobby has since grown from a reptile packed two bedroom apartment to a 3,000sqft breeding facility.  I now maintain a large collection of Ball Pythons.   



My vision for TallGrass Reptiles is to provide quality, healthy and fairly priced animals to the serious breeder, the hobbiest and the pet owner.  I want all patrons of TallGrass Reptiles to feel encouraged to ask questions, and gain any knowledge I might have of keeping and breeding these beautiful creatures.  Open and honest communication is a promise to all customers and Inquiries at TallGrass Reptiles.  

Please feel encouraged to contact me with any questions and thank you for visiting TallGrassReptiles.com.

Reid Begnoche